The Benefits of Network Scanning

As a business, you’re no doubt on the lookout for a product that is both cost effective and capable of improving your cybersecurity.

Empower yourself

There are plenty of products out there that provide one-time, one-cost network assessments. However, the greater benefit lies in encouraging regular assessments which can be conducted on a monthly or even weekly schedule. 


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Regular network scans empower you to stay ahead of the ever-changing cyber threats to keep your company protected.

Ever Changing Threats

Traditional penetration testing is often expensive and typically only occur once a year. With the cyber threats constantly evolving and with new vulnerabilities being detected daily this is not an ideal way for you to keep an eye on your  cyber secure.

Often you use penetration tests not because you genuinely want to test the security of your systems but rather as a way of appeasing an auditor or demonstrating compliance. If the motivation is simply to meet rigid compliance requirements, then the outcomes are often not useful.


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With millions of new malware types and vulnerabilities being discovered on a monthly basis, you need a tool that can be used regularly, cost effectively and quickly to stay on top of them.

Enter Automated Pen Testing with EveryCloud

Working with our technology partners by providing a software tool that helps you improve your cybersecurity by scanning your networks, highlighting vulnerabilities and we provide advice on how to make your defences stronger.

Our automated pen testing grants a you a view of your security posture any time you wish so you can fix your issues yourself - meaning that when you are commissioned to perform a penetration test on a  customer, you are actively probing for and using the blended attacks which are used by real attackers to infiltrate the network. This ensures that traditional penetration testing and consultancy becomes better value for money and more effective.

Unlike a traditional penetration test, our solutions can be scheduled to scan as often as the you wish, ensuring that you remain up to date with patch management, vulnerabilities and the latest threats.

Stand out from your competitors

Businesses who use  our automated pen testing solution stand out from your competitors and you can easily demonstrate that you can comply with regulations such as GDPR by being able to clearly demonstrate that you take your cybersecurity seriously and can demonstrate how your security posture improves over time.

Today, you and your potential customers tend to be loyal to businesses that can prove they are taking measures to protect their data.

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