Results-boosting Internal Communications Strategies  - 24 January, Manchester

V2_D819022Modern workers want to communicate and connect in simple ways.  Modern leaders recognise that there is no better competitive advantage than taking care of your people by understanding what they need, what they want and what they’re fearful of.

A Head Of Internal Comms colleague from my previous company recently reminded me that at one point we had Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, Fuse, Catalyst and our own Intranet all trying to fulfil similar roles for different segments of our colleague base.  No wonder messages weren't landing!  We had to urgently find a way to simplify and defragment the communications landscape for our colleagues - and ultimately we achieved this by adopting Workplace by Facebook.

On 24 January, EveryCloud and Workplace will be appearing at the Internal Communications Conference in Manchester, discussing results-boosting Internal Comms strategies.  We'll demonstrate how Internal Comms teams are using Live Video and Groups to break the email chain and reach the whole team instantly; how they are posting targeted updates to their company News Feed to celebrate wins and spread the word; how they are ensuring they land the message, every time.

Connecting the entire organisation

In this digital age, hierarchies are disappearing.  From the intern to the CEO, it has never been so important to connect the entire organisation. Using Open Groups and Broadcasts breaks down organisational silos and connects the entire team. It drives a more connected, open culture where teams and communities are free to thrive. Using Auto-translate for comments and posts breaks down language barriers in global organisations.

Accelerating critical communications

There are always times when you need to get information to your entire organisation, fast.  Some Internal Comms teams are still struggling along, sending newsletters to out-of-date company-wide email distribution lists. Groups enable your announcements and broadcasts to hit the spot and get the right the information to those who need it when they need it.

Enhancing company culture

Building and enhancing company culture is high on every CEO's agenda.  Using Live Video to host Q&A sessions with real-time feedback builds relationships between employees and the leadership team.  Posting polls in advance of these sessions enables you to get feedback on what employees want to discuss.  All colleagues can be authentic and transparent by discussing internal and external issues in open feedback groups. 

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