Cybersecurity – the springboard to business growth

Tilted (white shirt)Cybersecurity –  the springboard  to business growth

In this age of the Cloud, modern leaders have shifted the perception of security from a constant challenge of gatekeeping to a powerful accelerator of growth, innovation and great customer experience.

If, like most businesses, you are taking advantage of multiple Cloud technologies – then a proactive approach to cybersecurity can reap significant rewards. Putting security front and centre instils your whole organisation with a sense of Cloud Confidence. Your people feel safe to think freely, collaborate on new ideas and confidently focus on innovation. There is an enhanced level of trust from stakeholders that you won’t be the next company to be hit by a costly and embarrassing hack. You gain a competitive edge with consumers becoming increasingly security-conscious, particularly when doing business online.

Here are a few ways in which you can use cybersecurity as a springboard to future business success:

  • Continuously understand your overall cybersecurity strength – and translate any vulnerabilities into get well plans
  • Eliminate the drain on productivity caused by forgotten passwords and locked accounts, by adopting secure, intelligent solutions that reduce login friction and give users easier access
  • Rather than knee-jerk blocking of unsanctioned applications, find a way to safely and seamlessly allow “Shadow IT” at scale
  • Reduce the burden on IT teams and mitigate against increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks by securing your employees’ mailboxes, not just your mail server