Automated Security Testing is the future of Pen Testing

Automated security testing provides effective cybersecurity,  cheaply and efficiently.

There’s been increasing debate online and in the cybersecurity sector recently over both the future and current utility of traditional penetration testing.


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Some of the issues with traditional penetration tests


  • Poorly scoped penetration tests don’t offer good value for vulnerability management.
  • Often companies use penetration tests not because they genuinely want to test the security of their systems but rather as a way of appeasing an auditor or demonstrating compliance. 
  • Some vendors appear to offer penetration testing but then charge a great deal of money to perform what is essentially a vulnerability & patch assessment scan using commercial off the shelf products.
  • Some vendors take the report from a product, re-badge it, and send it to a customer. Unhelpfully, this could tar all penetration testing companies with the same negative brush.


Some experts suggest that in its current form penetration testing is something of a waste of time, expensive and used by organisations as a means to show their compliance rather than secure their networks.



Automation is easy and cost-effective 


This is where automation comes in. With the issue of cybercrime growing as more and more organisations do business online, channel partners need to be able to deliver a solution that can both be great value to their clients and provide regular revenue for themselves.


Our tools  allow organisations to scan their networks as often as they like, allowing them a clear view of their cybersecurity and create a sustained partnership with their partner.


You don’t need to be a cyber expert


If your knowledge of cybersecurity isn’t the best then don’t worry as  it  is easy to use. Once installed onto an organisation’s network it automatically analyses the data it gathers, identifies any vulnerabilities found and conveys this information back to the user. The security of an organisation is rated from 0-10 for internal security and A-F for external. As well as the score the user has the option of a Get-Well Plan that offers in-depth jargon-free advice on how to improve the score if needed. 


Regular Reviews


One of our features include a peer rating, which shows you if you are in the top 10% of organisations for cybersecurity, the worst 10% or somewhere in between. This is a great opportunity for you to quickly, identify the best and worst performers, and look at our other solutions which includes a Get Well Plan, replacing obsolete equipment etc.

Here at EveryCloud, we are here to bring the future to you for automated security testing.

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