4 Benefits of Automated Advanced Phishing Threat Protection



Most cyberattacks continue to begin with a malicious message, it should come as no surprise that email security and phishing mitigation frequently top that ever growing necessities list. But with numerous anti-phishing options spanning secure email gateways to phishing awareness training and advanced phishing threat protection, among others, we have to understand the nuisances of each technology, and what makes one approach more valuable than the others.

Bringing Better Email Phishing Threat Protection

We offer great value to our customers by reducing risk against increasingly complex threats. But as phishing threats in particular become more complex, it’s time for many to step up their phishing mitigation portfolio beyond the status quo and move to more automated and intelligent solutions that can not only increase effectiveness, but also reduce the workload. Automated advanced phishing threat protection can benefit in several ways:


1. Improve on Inefficiencies of SEG and Phishing Awareness Training

Secure email gateway’s (SEG’s) and phishing awareness training remain a critical tool in the fight against phishing and malware.

As increasingly-sophisticated phishing attacks, such as BEC, become more difficult to detect, even by trained security personnel. Thus, there is an urgent need for us to provide customers with technology that not only strives to prevent intrusion, but can also help users after an attack has passed through the secure email gateway.

A mailbox-level anti-phishing solution offers an additional layer of protection by analysing account information and understanding users’ communication habits. This delivers an enhanced level of phishing protection to detect attacks faster, alert users and remediate threats as quickly as possible. Machine learning scores sender reputation enabling a baseline for what “normal communications” with a user should look like. It can then compare correspondence and incoming messages with multiple data points to identify and learn from anomalies.

2. It Takes a Load off the Security Team

Customers have many tools to enhance their email security. The best of these use artificial intelligence and machine learning to better identify some of the suspected threats. This not only improves security, but can significantly reduce the workloads of IT and security teams.  According to a survey by Fidelis Cybersecurity, less than one in five organisations have a dedicated threat hunting team, and only half of those could handle more than eight investigations per day. 

Security teams need all the help they can get, and must look beyond human intelligence to additional aids that protect the integrity of their corporate information. Automation can improve efficiency by flagging and analysing the growing number of investigations, and by filtering out false positives. An automation detection and mitigation system reduces response time, identifies threats and can classify and remediate them with one click. It also delivers better metrics and intelligence with real-time insight into the strategies employed by the latest threats. Pushing theses duties to an innovative solution not only increases security, but also enables security teams to focus more on policy and prevention.

3. It Offers a Solution, Not a Tool

 The goal of security isn’t solely to bring tools to the table, it is to offer solutions. companies need to ensure that solutions work for their organisation, and that calls for listening to customers, the issues and how they are impacting the business.

Whereas basic tools simply offer information and basic applications, automated and advanced phishing threat protection solutions can help solve the challenges that customers face. This ultimately provides the customer an overall picture and architecture of solving the challenges that are now inherent to email security. Automated advanced phishing threat protection defends against today’s and tomorrow’s threats with a system that continually learns and makes the entire company more security conscious and aware.

4. Separate You from Your Competitors 

As the business is sometimes slow to move to some of the more advanced technologies, those that are fast will gain the upper hand and a competitive advantage. Merely having these conversations will automatically distinguish you from many of your competitors. It demonstrates that you have a pulse on the latest threats and an insight into how artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve the security posture, without adding more burden.

This is especially important as Business Email Compromise attacks are on the rise. These attacks grew to record levels in 2017, according to the FBI, and can cost victimised organisations an average of $25,000 to $75,000. Trend Micro believes that business email compromise attacks will surpass $9 billion in 2018. An analysis of 160 billion emails sent to 2,400 companies last year found that 89 percent of those companies were targeted with at least one attack.

Overall, an automated advanced phishing threat detection platform benefits you by bringing a new level of security in an insecure world. Working with our technology partner Ironscales, provide an automated email phishing response solution, analyses and remediates threats in real-time. It leverages machine learning and puts security at the mailbox level to better enable a system to understand users’ communication habits and identify nefarious emails.

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Source; https://ironscales.com/blog/Four-Benefits-of-Automated-Advanced-Phishing-Threat-Protection-to-the-Channel/