Featured Partner CyberScore - Are you as Cyber Secure as you think?

A recent survey by consultancy firm Ovum has shown that UK organisations may be overconfident when it comes to their cybersecurity. Is your business really as secure as your competitors?

According to the survey up to three-quarters of UK, company executives believe their cybersecurity is above average, with almost 50% believing that their organisation is one of the top security performers in their industry.

Over Confidence as Data Breaches Rise?

Something doesn’t quite add up, however, as the number of data breaches continues to rise in both the UK and across the world.

Are executives becoming too confident or perhaps even complacent when it comes to their cybersecurity?

One of the least surprising results of the survey adding to the theory that UK organisations may be overconfident is that just 36% of organisations carry out regular cybersecurity risk assessments.

A cyber-attack against a business is unfortunately inevitable at some point so it begs the question; are those organisations with executives who are massively confident in their security legitimate or just showboating?

Data security is a growing point of importance to potential customers and clients, so to openly admit that they don’t have a grip on their cybersecurity could result in lost business and perhaps a tainted reputation.

Not informed?

Is the sense of confidence executives claim to have in their security legitimate or simply a result of their security teams telling them what they want to hear?

We get it, CISOs and security teams often have to operate with limited budgets and often under intense pressure from the top.  This can result in security teams telling their employers what they want to hear, after all no one wants to have their jobs on the line.  A culture of fear isn’t helpful to anyone, especially when it means the truth isn’t reaching those who need to hear it.

Find out how secure you really are with CyberScore™

Proving how really secure your organisation is against threats is vital for knowing where you need to focus your resources.

CyberScore™ is an innovative software tool that helps organisations of all size and type improve their cyber security by rapidly scanning their entire network, highlighting vulnerabilities and giving expert remediation advice so they – or their IT provider – can make their networks stronger.

The benefits include -

  • It is a deceptively simple tool (easy on the eye within the interface but deeply impressive ‘under the hood’)
  • It is fast to install via VMWare/HyperV and easy for any engineer to deploy and produce reporting from.
  • A security team can immediately become equipped with empirical- based security evidence, written in the most credible of language and independently verified – with which to advise their own board.
  • The CyberScore™ itself allows an organisation to see what areas may need improvement. Having a good score mean that an organisation can be confident in claiming they are a top performer when it comes to security.
  • Allows you to continuously understand your organisation’s cybersecurity posture
  • Track your progress and watch your cyber health improve as mitigation measures are implemented
  • Track cyber risks across supply chains and third parties without the need for consultants or questionnaires
  • Dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of compliance penetration testing

For more information email discover@everycloud.co.uk, to get your free trial

source; https://www.xqcyber.com/cyberscore/cyberscore-for-insurance