What do fairy tales and security have in common?

Once upon a network: modern-day security tales

Separate fact from fairy tale.

Let’s make a long story short: Cisco Umbrella cuts through your security challenges and provides effective protection in minutes, not months.

The other guys may spin tall tales of protection that’s worth the wait. But with Cisco Umbrella, you’ll get results fast, with a secure internet gateway that truly delivers. We can help you reduce the amount of malware on your network, make limited staff more efficient, and identify and investigate threats on the internet, faster than anyone. And we do this all while protecting your users, apps, and connected devices, everywhere.

Easy deployment — even at scale.

Point your DNS to Cisco Umbrella, and you're ready to go. No other security product deploys faster, with no negative impact to end users — even for global coverage at scale. PTC protected their remote offices around the world in less than an hour and a half. You'll experience time to value that'll even impress your management and board.

See how Umbrella puts an end to all-nighters in the video tale, Sleepless Beauty.

Reliability you can count on.

There's nothing better than 100% business uptime — and Cisco Umbrella’s got it. Our Anycast routing and peering relationships ensure the highest reliability. And did we mention? We're one of the fastest DNS providers around the world. Many customers report even faster internet access, which is an unexpected perk when adding security.

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Threat intelligence that sees future attacks.

Machine learning models are paired with partner feeds and the powerful data mining to drive Cisco Umbrella, for real-time visibility into threats. Imagine cutting your investigation time by 90% — Morgan & Morgan did just that with Cisco Umbrella. We can help you identify infections faster and reduce investigation time. Plus, with Cisco Talos in your corner, you're working with the largest security research team in the industry.

Umbrella puts an end to false alarms — see how in the fairy tale classic, Chicken Little.

A complete portfolio — better together.

Who doesn't want to simplify? With Cisco's portfolio, you're covered with network, endpoint, and cloud protection that provides a complete solution. We provide consistent protection on and off network over all ports and protocols. With integrations to Cisco security products, we make deployment and management even easier. Not to mention we can help extend protection from your other security systems with our APIs. End of story.

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Seeing is believing.

How many other vendors will offer to deploy it for free at your largest egress point? You'll have proof that we're the fastest, most effective security protection. Start seeing results immediately with your 14-day trial of Cisco Umbrella. Contact discover@everycloud.co.uk for further information

Source: https://umbrella.cisco.com