Prevent hacks with secure email access


Deloitte, one of the world’s ‘big four’ accountancy firms, has been hacked.

This comes as a sting, as Deloitte is also known for providing cyber security advice. It’s believed that the breach gave the hacker access to emails, usernames, passwords, and business plans from some of the company’s blue-chip clients. And since it’s reported that the breach went unnoticed for five months, the hacker would have had ample time to collate it all.

We believe the breach attacked the firm’s global email server through an ‘administrator’s account’ giving the attacker privileged, unrestricted access to all areas of files and emails. Due to the firm only requiring staff to employ a single password, the hacker probably had no trouble accessing the admin email account.

Breaches like this can be easily avoided by employing a simple ‘two-step verification’, Identity Access, Multi Factor authentication (MFA) or even Single Sign On (SSO) – all of which are available with EveryCloud.

Email protection is often overlooked by companies who think that other cyber security measures are enough. Examples of this include the recent large-scale password thefts from Sony and LastPass. A mixture of dated protection measures and password fatigue lead to easily avoidable losses.

Hence, we at EveryCloud offer multiple forms email protection and cloud security to ensure you’re properly defended. The crucial thing is to pick an email protection strategy that suits your business culture.

For bespoke cloud-based security and with email protection, contact us today. Ensure your business doesn’t become the next company under fire.