Join us at the Future of Cyber Security conference

Join us at the Future of Cyber Security conference

On 14th September, we’ll be attending the Future of Cyber Security conference in Manchester. With over 350 delegates and a packed timetable covering everything from ransomware to AI, this one-day event will investigate what’s driving the growing number of cyber attacks plaguing businesses worldwide and discuss ways to prevent them.

It’s the perfect forum for us to meet other industry leaders and share ideas on how to protect businesses from cybercrime. And it also gives us the platform to discuss our own unique approach to cloud security.

We’re excited to be attending because, simply put, cybercrime isn’t predictable. It affects everyone. Just consider the very public cyber attacks such as the Dyn DDoS attacks in 2016 - which temporarily took down Twitter, PayPal and the PlayStation Network. The following year, the 2017 WannaCry attacks affected thousands of businesses worldwide as well as the NHS.

Cybercrime is getting smarter, and so the ways organisations prepare for and react to it must too. Events such as the Future of Cyber Security give us the opportunity to discuss best practices and share our knowledge with industry partners as well as existing and potential customers.

By doing so, we can provide our customers with a cloud-based solution that fits their needs and safeguards them from current attacks. As well as the ones which will become prevalent in the future. This not only keeps customers safe, but gives them a specialised service that suits their business.

Along with monitoring cyber security developments, we want to use this conference to see how the future business and political climate will affect the cybercrime landscape and how we tackle it. Brexit will, of course, play a role soon enough, and businesses cannot afford to be caught out due to changing regulations. GDPR is also going to have a huge impact, especially to security and data businesses who will have to deal with the implications of customers controlling their information, how it’s stored, and how they would like to use it.

If you’re interested in the future of cyber security, you can find out more about the conference here. And if you want to discover how we can help you protect your business’ cloud apps, please email to book an appointment. It would be great to meet you!